Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Still ~ Hillsong

This song is for Alleluibelle and her husband and for anyone else going through a hard time right now.
"Find rest my soul, in Christ alone,
Know his power in quietness and trust,
When the oceans rise and thunders roar,
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God"

Alleluiabelle and her husband need prayers

One of my blogging friends Alleluiabelle has shared some worrying news on her blog today (actually in might be yesterday as she is based in America) Her husband, who has had previous health worries, has been admitted to hospital and is undergoing tests.
If you have a faith, I invite you to pray for them both at this stressful time.
You can read her post here

Saturday, May 23, 2009

To you O Lord ~ Kendrick

That's why my eyes are on you Lord.


My little girl is a very musical child. She loves dancing, singing, playing the violin and is always involved in something musical.
For several years she has been taught to sing by a family friend who used to teach our son before he won the musical scholarship and started with professional lessons. Eden sort of filled the void he left behind. Vicky is great and teaches Eden really well. They have a mutual adoration of each other and with Vicky's encouragement and teaching Eden is becomeing a great little singer.
over the years she also took up violin and joined the school orchestra primarily as a percussionist and now as a violinist. She's also taken up the recorder and bl;asts out tunes at full blast.
Twice a year she enters the local music festivals. In January it's just singing, but in the summer at Hornsea festival, she has several school classes too.
Last night, she brought home a letter. Looking at the cold hard facts in black and white really drummed home the truth that's been floating around in my mind for a couple of months. I new the impossibilites to come but .....

Morning; violin ensemble
Morning; orchestra
Morning; solo singing

Afternoon: recorders
Afternoon; choir

Now given that last year Eden wasn't in the violin ensemble we were still in deep trouble. There are five venues set around the seaside resort and everything is at different venues. Last year Eden sang in a large singing class and managed to come first. we signed for the trophy and were shocked at the size of it. it was huge. The minute we could, we legged it, running down the street with a huge trophy and dived into the car drove to the next venue and managed to arrive just as the orchestra were returning to their seats having finished playing. this year, we have to squeeze in the violin ensemble too.

I lay awake for a long time last night worryiong and then dropped off into a very fretful sleep with violins, venues, carparks and music screatching in my head.
It is not in power to do anything about the situation. I can't talk to the teacher and warn her as it's now half term. ARRRGGGHHHHHHH!

I can only take comfort in the words of Psalm 77:

I cried out to God to help;
I cried out to God to hear me.
When I was in distress I sought the Lord;
at night I stretched out untiring hands
and my soul refused to be comforted .......

........Your path led through the sea,
yourway through mighty waters, though your footprints were not seen.
You led your people like a flock by the hand of moses and Aaron.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Help me Lord ~ Kees Krayenoord

this morning I've read lots of blogs and on a couple my blogging friends are going through tough times. This song is especially for you.
May God wrap you tightly in his wonderful loving arms!

Mark the page ~ Crystal Velvet

These bookmarks are great fun to create. I make them as wedding favours and also as individual gifts for friends and clients. They can be created in ribbon type and colour of your choice and then the dangles are added to denote the event or to tie in with theme etc.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

I Can Only Imagine ~ MercyMe

what happy memories

O happy Day!

I'm just settling down after a seriously hectic weekend.
The stress hasn't completely gone though as my washer has decided to play up big time and I have a guy coming out this afternoon to fix it.

Anyway I've had a lovely weekend. The Framers market went well on saturday. Managed to sell quite a bit of stuff. In the afternoon I visited a local nursery Mires Beck which is a social enterprise. The nursery is run by adults with learning difficulties or mental health problems. it's a wonderful place to be. The sun shone, there were loads of beautiful plants etc and I had a lovely chat to some friends whilst eatting cream scones, was serenaded by beautiful music and had some lovely hugs!

Sunday saw us all up bright and early. At ten past 9 we were just leaving the house when one of the boys youth leaders arrived to offer his assistance. How blessed we are with the people we know.
Hopped in the car for the very short drive to church and then we piled out and juggled between us, buckets, violins, musics, spare clothes and chocolate cake!
The atmosphere on entering the church was very special. It was much earlier than we normally meet up. Quickly stands were errected microphones set up and chairs put into position and then began the marathan task of transporting buckets of hot water from the church hall round the church to the rememberence garden where a paddling pool had been set up and had been three quarters filled with water from the hose. The procession of buckets continued for about twenty minutes after which the water felt only slightly off cold.
By this time it was 5 to ten. I got hold of the forty leaflets I'd printed out and people began to arrive. I couldn't believe how many people arrived and nor could Ollie. You see, we had been getting ready for Ollie's baptism. He had decided to be baptised.

Although our church is an anglican church, the congregation is made up of christians from many backgrounds. I was brought up until I was 15 in the baptist church. When I was 15 we moved into the same anglican church. When I asked to be baptised there as an adult by immersion at 17 years old, the vicar at the time was shocked and had to do some serious thinking as to whether he'd be happy to. In the end, I was baptised by him in the garedn of a friend who was lucky enough to have a swimming pool.

As babies, we'd decided not to have any of our children christened as we wanted them to embrace the christian faith as their own when they were old enough to understand. and it was our very strong hope that each of them would come to faith for themselves. All my children have done. Which is something that we are daily thankful for.

Ollie had decided that this was the day on which he'd be baptised and our vicar Peter was more than happy to perform the ceremony and so at 10am yesterday morning infront of a huge crowd of people from church, youth group and school Ollie was baptised. It was so good to see how amny poeple had come along. No one was specifically invited but they all came to show support for Ollie and it meant a lot to us all.

The baptism was followed by a confirmation service and at this several of the young people in our church and several adults were confirmed.
The music was great and then some of the youung girls danced to the song I can only imagine and it was a stunning dance.

Unfortunatly Ollie had to then go straight to Music school as he'd only been given the morning off. Later that afternoon we were lucky enough to be at a concert where the music students performed.

What a perfect day!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tagged? ~ I have been!

I have been Tagged by Kelly at Thank you Kelly. Kelly (like me) is a prolific blog writer. A christian and a mum, Kellies inspiring thoughts of life are a great read.

What is Tagging?
It's a way of linking blog to blog.
Menion the person who tagged me (done that!)
I have now to "tag" eight people whose blogs I love to read. (only eight! I enjoy a lot more blogs than that!)
I have to complete the lists of eights
I have to tell the others I have tagged them.

8 Things I Look Forward To
1. Camping in the summer (although the weather is usually very unkind!)
2. Weddings (of the brides I design for)
3. Bags of beads arriving through the post.
4. Writing my blogs
5. My seeds germinating and growing amazing fruit and vegetables
6. My sons baptism next week end
7. seeing my childrens sucess
8. Eternal Life

8 Things I Did Yesterday
1. made two tiaras
2. packed orders from my bead store
3. tidied up (a never ending task)
4. Watered the gardens
5. Worshipped
6. made some vegeburgers
7. congratulated my neighbour on her engagement
8. learned a new song.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do
1. pmc (silver clay) I haven't the time to learn a new hobby.
2. Knit and crochet
3. write poetry
4. play an instrument
5. See celtic women on tour
6. move to a remote scottish island and go self sufficient (whilst keeping full internet access and having access to beads and fabrics etc! ~ best of both worlds)
7. Be a better wife and mother
8. Keep the house tidy all the time so that when someone knocks at the door you don't look around and go "arrggghhhh"

8 Shows I Watch
1. The Apprentice
2. Kirsties home made home
3. House under the hammer
4. Waterloo Road
5. Holby City
6. Casualty
7. Eastenders
8. CSI

8 Bloggers I Tagged
1. Beth in NC because she's a real encourager.
2. Recycled bag lady a like minded creative woman with a love of allotments!
3. Periwinkle studio for making beautiful things
4. Heather at creatively kept because your style is great
5. Knitz and bitz because your unique items are wonderful
6. Polka dot daisy for your ecclectic cheerful blog
7. Ami designs jewellery as I have only just discovered your lovely blog
8. Spans stitchin because you create such wonderful items

Friday, May 1, 2009

Thank you

Thank you Lord for all the good things you give to us.

Here I am with all I have
I raise my hands to worship you.
I want to say thank you

Concert and Coincidence

Last night I attended my 15 year old sons School Spring Concert. Ollie is a violinist and enjoys singing. He does not however enjoy passing on information to his parents and to find anything out about his life, you need to employ the most deductive of detective skills. Finding out only last week that the concert was on was just one of the many "secrets" I discovered by chance.
Certainly knowing what Ol was playing or singing were secrets I'd not managed to discover.
I knew he was practicing from the many texts that flew through the ether during the school day containing such gems as "I have a rehersal after school, can u pick me up at 5 thanx" or "the practice finishes at 4.45" So having played frantic mum taxi for the ;ast couple of weeks, I was looking forward to the concert for at least one reason (that being that I'd not have to play mum taxi and schedule juggler to the extent of the last few weeks.

The concert started of with the orchestra playing a wonderful rendition of the Chronicles of Narnia. it was lilting and beautiful and extrememly complicated but very well played.
and then came the coincidence. The senior students and staff choir (of which Ollie is a member) sang Be still my soul, the very song i'd put on to the blog yesterday. it was a four part harmanised acapella version and was amazing.
The chamber choir sang Gloria by Vivaldi accomanied by violins and cello, again this was blissful to listen to.
Other offerings throughout the evening were: Hallelujah (burke)
waterloo (abba) Eye of the tiger, Out of Africa clarinet piece, wade in the water and many others.
I can honestly say it was the best concert I've been to for a long time. The students are a seriously tallented group of musicians. What was really special was the integration between western classical and modern secular music. The choirs sang to backings from electric guitars and drum kits and tallents were utilised and displayed. The relationships between teachers and pupils was inspiring.

And then came the bomb shell ......... Oliver's violin teacher is retiring. Ollie is taught as a private pupil so I am hoping she'll keep him on , but we wait on tenderhooks until we find out.
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